Resolution 19-E


South Douglas Conservation District

2020 Supervisor Election



The South Douglas Conservation District Board of Supervisors hereby informs the voting public that the incumbent, Mike Lesky, has been re-elected to the currently open seat by reason of being the only person filing for the position by the filing deadline. Therefore, no poll site, absentee balloting or mail balloting will be performed pursuant to WAC 135-110-370.




The five member Board of Supervisors meets on the first Monday of each month, except August. The supervisors set policy and direction for the Conservation District, serving a three year term without compensation. We can reimburse for travel expenses. Supervisors oversee conservation practices in southern Douglas County, promoting education and protecting natural resources.  Currently, the district is involved in developing the Firewise Program in Douglas County, Vets on the Farm, water quality projects, chipping to reduce fire fuels and a cost share program for its cooperators.  Your time would involve monthly board meetings as well as community contact to identify resource needs and provide assistance, whether technical, financial or educational.